Sezione Tascabili, exhibition

"Sezione Tascabili" is an exhibition that showcases 10 Italian editorial designs. Curated by Turin based design studio Norma, as part of the 'Graphic Days in the city' festival.

The pandemic and its restriction made impossible for the visitors to directly touch the books.

We decided to create an interactive experience: visitors could connect to the projector trough the phone, select a book and go trough it. This enabled them to see the internal of the book and to understand the consistence through the sound of the hands touching the paper. Together with the studio Norma I curated the design and the development of the experience.

Project website:

Curated by: Norma (

Collaborators: Margherita Buzzi, Luca Giraudo, Sara Miola

Location: Recontemporary (

Interactive experience: Bomberos + Norma (

3D models and renders: Gabriele Martinacci

Videos: Luca Giraudo

Hands: Alberto Arlandi, Margherita Buzzi, Luca Giraudo, Luca Morano, Martina Naretto

Thanks to: Cinzia Bongino, Libre, Giovanni Naldi, Sciarada